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Bumpadum!! feeling strange of whats it all about? it’s a cloth diapering company and here’s a quick review about their cloth diaper.

I love the Made in India Concept, anyday!! I would shout out the fact that Bumpadum was born in India and people have been using it worldwide. And yes, they definitely not cost us a bomb like the other foreign brands. Spell bound by the reviews and above that, the beautiful prints, I always wanted to try them, but daughter was almost potty trained during day. Still we had our hits and misses and we don’t risk much when we go out and sometimes at night when I am already exhausted from work.

Out of curiosity to try them, I did ask Anu for a duet stay dry shell diaper for review. I should apologize here, because as soon as I asked Anu, she did send the diaper to me, but then we couldn’t use it immediately nor could I write a review as soon as I smiled looking at the way the dipe worked for us. We were in Chennai during the peak of summer and my daughter already had rashes and so though I prepped the dipe I couldn’t use it on her, and this proves that she has a sensitive skin!

First impression – Packaging and delivery – as I said earlier immediately after requesting Anu, she had sent me the diaper and it reached me within 2 days and yes, it was neatly packed in a carton box. The diaper was wrapped with a cotton velour wipe and had a beautiful peach ribbon over it ♥ Appreciate, where they have got so much efforts on packaging.

Immediately when I received the diaper my mom was like, look at the size, it’s definitely not going to fit little H. I was skeptical too, because we have never used CDs with side snaps inwards. But surprisingly it fitted her well. She is almost 13 kgs and on the leaner side. We did have 2 free snaps on either side and it was just perfect 

Next was the print and color. #Konichiwa!! It’s a beautiful green with a lot of different images and is colorful. The PUL is super soft on the outside and the color of the snaps was attractive. Orange and green, a beautiful combination.
My daughter loves to play with the snaps and ever since we have been using it, we have had hard pulls on the snaps, but thank fully, they are so intact. No snaps have come out so far after regular usage and hard handling of usage and multiple wash cycles.

As we couldn’t use the dipe immediately after we had received it, I had multiple wash cycles and the diaper was fully prepped. The first time we wore was when we went out for a movie and then evening stroll and then dinner was the plan!! My daughter is a heavy wetter and is almost nearing 2 years now.

We had it on, at around 1.00 pm. Went had a lunch. She was very comfortable and that made me double happy! It was super trim and the elastics were not too hard on my daughter. It was mid-may and you know how peak summer is in Chennai. Saying this, it’s the first wow factor, keeping my daughter with NO slight discomfort.

Next is the best part. Stay dry liner! Post lunch in some time she did pee once and I didn’t see any complaints. Then she napped and then by 6 p.m.,and we changed it. Assuming she would have peed atleast twice (heavy wetter), Whoo, it lasted for solid 5 hours for a heavy wetter, no leaks and no discomfort!! Happy dance!! That gives me a confidence for using it as a night time toddler diaper. After a wash, its gets dried super fast and yes, we have been using it exclusively as our night time diapering solution. We wear it around by 11 pm and are done by 8 am. Last solidly for us for almost 9 hours. Zero leaks, no elastic impressions on her waist nor crotch area and a perfect stay fry feel for a heavy wetter! What more can I ask for? 😉 Way to GO-O-O Bumpadum 😀

Best part is that it’s a stay dry shell. Out of curiosity I also tried using the shell with the day time inserts I had. After a pee, I just had to change the insert and could still re use the shell with another insert. Saviour again!

I have clearly made up my mind to build a neo stash with Bumpadum products and that’s the love I have over the quality they provide!! Any questions you ask, you do get an immediate or a quick response either from Anu or her team. And Anu is one of the person who has a lot of patience and knows about customers and customer satisfaction!

Many thanks to Bumpadum!


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