Journey towards Cloth Diapering!

FullSizeRenderCloth Diapering”!! Some people think I’m crazy about spending thousands on just 1 diaper called as cloth diaper. I had a basic knowledge of how uncomfortable I used to feel every month during those 7 days when I used those disposable napkins!! And I never wanted my kids to face the same level of discomfort of using the disposable diapers!! 

So even before I had my delivery, I requested my aunt and mom to wash all those pre -loved MUNDU <white dothis>. They were all soft and my aunt had cut them into squares, folded them into triangles and then stitched them with. I was all glee on looking those tiny folds for my little one.. I did know that babies skin are sensitive but I didn’t realize I will see that very soon with my little angel..Yes, day 10, after being born in Ooty, my daughter had rashes on her face!! I kept wondering and then realized that she had wool allergy.. Damn, I always dreamt of making her wear beautiful hand knit sweaters by my mom,aunt and grandmother!! Now that was ruled out but I knew I had to be extra cautious..

After 6 months pp i was introduced to the whole new world of cloth diapers which did cost a lot more.. Note that for 6 months even during going to temples or doc visits my daughter never had a nappy on!! 😄 so after 6 months I thought let’s try this.. those were days when I just got a few pockets and boosters from vendors of Cloth Diapering India Group.. I was satisfied but still didn’t use them every day as I was scared what if she gets rashes.. Then I did see all the hype of the organic cotton cloth diaper from Smart Bottoms and Blueberry. It did cost a bomb but this is when the advantage of being a working mother and on ML saves you.. I started ordering them one by one to see how it worked on my daughters bum .. Surprise, it worked great with no leaks and no stinks (provided you follow the wash cycle properly). She felt it good and didn’t show any discomfort.

The shocker came when I had to go back to ooty during December for more than a month. It would be too cold, I can never leave her Diaper free ( usually she is at home in Chennai and Theni, we use to wash her after every pee, yes! Every pee !!). So I knew only for travel let’s use the disposable and at home use the cloth diapers, wash with hot water and it should be okay.. it worked so good!! Except for the water I used to wash those dipes and the time, we did a great job. I really think it was better than washing those blankets/ rubber sheets and bed spreads when she wets the bed! Sounded a deal.

She saw no signs of discomfort and most importantly no rashes.. so I started to spend a little every month to build my stash..I did have a mixture of both Indian and foreign brands. 

So that was how i landed up building my CD stash! Watch the space for more reviews on cloth diapers!


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