Ring Slings and their magic!


My love for the #Ikkat material and #Black is never ending 😀 And that’s the only reason I signed up for #SoulTCP. Was lucky enough to try eclipse as wished ❤ 

here’s a quick review on the ring sling by brand SOUL – again an Indian brand

Brand – Soul
Product – Eclipse Ring Sling
Type – Double layer
Baby Weight – 8.3 kg
Baby Age – 9 months
Carries Tried – Front Carry and Hip Carry
Wearer – Plus size mamma

I own a Soul Switch Sides jacquard ring sling and Soul Ink ring sling. Also had a double layer linen, which I had parted with, as I was eyeing on a different print. And know what – I am going to buy the Eclipse Ikkat RS once it’s re-stocked. Doesn’t it prove I’m totally in ♥ with the Ikkat RS.

Initially when I tried the double layer slings, I felt it was too big and thick for my bub when she was 7 months. Now, at 10 months, I feel it’s just perfect for her It was very supportive and we felt very comfortable. Though double layer, it was very breathable and airy. Had no hassles as we went shopping and roaming around during the peak of Summer in Theni Totally smooth and sweat absorbing as it’s cotton. Also, comfortable when we dine out at AC halls and travelling with AC on for hours together, just keeping her warm at the right place. Coziness is all it is and #DualSupport for different weather condition 😀

It wasn’t difficult to thread. Might be because I was used to slings. Great for quick carries and very handy. Fits into my handbag. Can be worn anytime and anywhere as wished. When I don’t wear her half way, I simply just wear the sling around – adding it to the #StyleStatement.

We nursed in public. Yes, NIP !! Both of us felt at ease and then she slept 😀

We all know – Happiness, comes from within. I was so happy to flaunt my carrier here in Theni. No one ever wears their baby here and we had people look at us as #Aliens 😉 We went shopping, roaming, walking and dining in our ikkat rs. I also got a chance to get some nail art done 😛

When people asked –

Thaanguma? < is it supportive > – I said YES 😀
Is the cloth attached to rings? – I said YES 😀
Is the cloth soft and comfortable? – I said YES, YES 😀
Paapaku kashtama irukatha? < wouldn’t be difficult for baby > – I said NO! don’t you see my baby smiling and enjoying the shopping scenes 😉

P.S – We felt so happy to have all the heads turn !

Pics – Doesn’t it Show Comfort, Coziness and Happiness 😀


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